Vikki is the middle one of the 3 Nelson girls. After studying economics at Otago, she then went on to complete her dental training and graduated in 1992.

Originally she started working at the west Auckland practice where she gained a vast amount of experience with oral surgery under general anesthetic & where she became extremely interested in the cosmetic side of dentistry, especially orthodontics. “To see children’s confidence grow and develop purely from creating a great smile is something immensely rewarding” – especially nowadays when the whole procedure takes a relatively short period of time with minimal discomfort.

Vikki has 3 children, Ali and Tane (who are at present  both attending university), and Gabi the youngest. Her husband Graham is a keen sailor and is the calming family influence who keeps Vikki motivated to maintain an even work life balance

So away from the daily challenges of work and family, and in order to clear the mind Vikki always endeavors to incorporate some ‘me’ time into her day.  She does this by keeping fit & active by either working out at the gym, skiing, walking, running or simply by learning to play golf with friends….

At present she is a current member of the NZ Dental Association, Auckland Dental Association, NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the NZ functional Orthodontic Society.

Is a founding member of the AAFDA in New Zealand This enables her to keep up with the latest advancements in dentistry and facial asthetics

Vikki Nelson

Member of: NZ Dental Association | Auckland Dental Association | Australian Academy of Facial Aesthetics | NZ Functional Orthodontic Society | NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry