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Tooth extraction is when a tooth is removed from the mouth. Tooth extraction usually occurs when there’s too much damage to a tooth and it cannot be repaired. Decay, infection and dental crowding are also reasons that a dentist will extract a tooth.

Tooth extraction is often performed by an experienced dentist but in some cases you will need to see an oral surgeon to have a tooth or teeth extracted. The dentists at Keith Nelson Associates have over 80 years combined experience meaning thousands of teeth have been painlessly extracted by over the years.

Wisdom Tooth Surgical Extraction

Often wisdom teeth are straight forward extractions. Just like taking out any other tooth. However with evolution our jaws have got smaller and often we don’t have room for these 3rd molars to erupt normally and they become impacted. Often the first sign of impaction is Pericoronitis.

Peri meaning around
Coron meaning crown
Itis meaning infection

Pericoronitis and other complications that wisdom teeth can provoke are inflammation of the gingiva, extrusion of opposing teeth and cavities in adjacent teeth.

Don’t stress. It’s usually a quick procedure that’s certainly different to getting a filling but probably not as bad as you have imagined.

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