At Keith Nelson & Associates we offer a wide range of general, cosmetic and Orthodontic services. Our Orthodontic Services include removable appliances and myofunctional therapy and Full Fixed Braces.

Removable Appliances

Plates used to develop the jaws and aid to correct jaw alignment.

Myofunctional Appliances

Mouthbreathing, tongue thrusting, incorrect swallowing, thumb sucking and other myofunctional habits can cause bedwetting, maloclusion, poor facial development and relapse. With early diagnosis simple techniques including removable Orthodontic trainers or plates can be used to alleviate existing problems.

Fixed Braces

Progressive Full term Braces – Using the advanced Progressive IP Orthodontics Programme, our practice now offers one of the latest and leading Orthodontic tools. With the Progressive system, we provide a fully customised treatment plan, tailored to each individual patient. Braces can be the metal or the more cosmetic ceramic braces.

We can provide Orthodontic services which were previously only available at a specialist orthodontist. Over the last 20 years, Deanna and Vikki have completed many post graduate courses in this field of Orthodontics including a 2 year diploma in Progressive Orthodontics.Being general dentists, you can come to our practice for both your general dental checkup, and your Orthodontic visit.

In our practice we work with many specialists – Orthodontists, Dental Hygienists, Periodontists, and Oral & ENT surgeons to give you the best possible treatment outcome.


Offering ClearCorrect for suitable patients

ClearCorrect is the clear and simple alternative to braces.

It’s a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth as you wear them, each aligner moving your teeth just a little bit at a time.

They’re practically invisible, so most people won’t even know you’re in treatment, they fit you perfectly, so they’re more comfortable than regular braces, and they’re removable, so you can eat whatever you like and clean your teeth normally.

Ask your doctor for more information about ClearCorrect and what it can do for you.

When is the best time?

As soon as problems can be identified, a plan should be formulated for the eventual correction.
Each problem has a “best” time to make the correction. Many problems can be identified as early as 6-8 years of age. Some problems are best left to a later age to correct, but other problems are best corrected at a young age. Problems to look out for are thumb/finger sucking, mouthbreathing, crossbites, crowded teeth.
So EARLY ASSESSMENT is a good idea.

Smile Gallery – Some of our happy patients after Orthodontics at our practice……

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