BioMin F is an advanced remineralising toothpaste that boosts the remineralisation/repair process. BioMin F provides a slow release reservoir of essential calcium and phosphate to help rebuild the tooth’s surface and also occludes tubules. It contains a slow release, low-dose fluoride which helps drive the rate of remineralisation over a 12 hour period. Hardening the enamel and making the teeth more resistant to damage caused by acids in tooth whiteners. BioMin  F can also be used as a preventative prior to undertaking whitening treatments by remineralising the tooth in preparation for treatment.


BioMin an orthodontic toothpaste. For use pre, during and post-orthodontic appliances

  • Helps strengthen enamel prior to orthodontic appliances.
  • Long-lasting therapeutic levels of fluoride
  • Helps prevent and repair white spots.
  • Low fluoride content up to 60% less.
  • BioMinC fluoride free variant available


BioMinF Whitening Repair can help repair the damage caused by whitening treatments and aid as a preventative.

Tooth whitening is now one of the most often requested dental procedures. It is generally safe and effective when manufacturers protocols are followed. However, there are risks and damage can be caused to the enamel.[i].

Whitening treatments involving peroxides (commonly hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) can cause:

Increased risk of tooth sensitivity (pain or discomfort when eating hot, cold, sugary or acid foods)
Gingival irritation
Tooth’s surface roughening and softening and can make enamel more porous
Increased demineralisation of the enamel (loss of calcium & phosphate from the enamel leading to increased risk of cavities)

A good remineralizing toothpaste which effectively occludes the tubules in teeth used prior, during and post whitening treatment can help repair and minimise the damage caused by whitening procedures.



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